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Recently completed project: Sony Pictures - Memoirs of a Geisha, the new film from Director Rob Marshall (Chicago, 2003). A very exiting project! The first major filming of their production cycle was jumping right into the fray and creating Sayuri's Love Dance scene. For three weeks, a forgotten downtown Los Angeles theater dating back to the "movie palaces" of early last century was transformed into a 1930s japanese kabuki theater complete with Hanamichi ramp, and an onstage blizzard. How could an automated lighting package of 35 VL3000 spots and a WholeHog II console possibly be needed to recreate 1930s Kabuki theater? You'll see! Mr. Marshall, a veteran Broadway director and choreographer teamed up once again with Cinematographer Dion Beebe (Chicago, Collateral) and you'll have to wait and see the results when it comes out. The process of programming the piece was not unlike putting together a number in a current Broadway Musical, and I am VERY proud of this piece! The final complete take was simply hair-raising, and every cues was, as the expression goes: "on the money!"


This site has made the move to a new hosting provider. So far, so good. For the time being there will be no message board or guest book. Thanks to all who participated at the old server, but none of that information was able to tag along.


Congratulations to...US! It's been one fun loving, hard working, home owning, MARRIED year for Sara and I. One down, a lifetime to go!


This is the first update to these pages in nearly 5 years!  Funny how easily one can get too busy to pay attention to a web page.  In my opinion that just goes to show that "Nobody really NEEDS a website!"  However, on the off chance that a website might prove helpful, I've updated the Professional info link, but left the Colophon link frightfully out of date.

Past news: As of March 15, 2000 (yes, the ides of march) William McLachlan Lighting Design completed the long slow morph into Inverse Square, Inc.  I'm not sure how different the day to day grind is, other than all the tax forms now have different numbers. Soon, everything around this site will be freshened up to reflect the big change to "Inc.".

Recently completed project:  The first full broadway production of "A Little Shop of Horrors" at the Virginia Theater in New York City.  Lighting Design by Don Holder and his Associate Designers Aland Henderson and Vivien Leone. The programming was briefly begun by Aland Henderson, whom was called to duty creating the Sydney, Australia company of Disney's "The Lion King", so I got the call to pick up about 2 weeks into a 9 week production and preview cycle, and stayed with the show thru the opening. Mr. Holder had quite a lighting team assembled for this time period as he designed THREE broadway shows at once!  Read about the Holder three-fronted attack on broadway here.

Current Project Spotlight: A Perfect Circle.

A Perfect Circle are touring in support of their new album "Thirteenth Step".  Scenic and Lighting Design by William McLachlan, Lighting Direction and Programming by Benny Kirkham, Production Management by Chris Kansy. 

VLPS is providing the system for the tour. The featured project this month on the VLPS North America webpage is The Thirteenth Step Tour. VLPS North America link / VLPS Featured Project link.

Visit the official A Perfect Circle website here.

Learn more about the show design here(but not yet...coming soon!).

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