How to log into FTP sites that require a
user name and a password using Netscape

If you ever tried to log in to a password protected FTP site with your web browser, you've probably seen the following message in Netscape:

Access Denied,
no anonymous access allowed

You can avoid this error and log in to your service provider's FTP site or other FTP sites with which you have access with a browser using your account's user name and password by formatting the address of the FTP site as follows:

ftp://<user name>:<password>@<ftp_site_address>

Replace the usual http:// with ftp://, insert your username followed by a colon, the your password followed by the @ symbol, then the site address and directories as normal, just like you would format a URL.

For example, if your FTP site is at, your user name is joe, and your password is foobar, your address should be:

Such an entry in the navigation bar of your browser should bring you to a directory listing of your home directory, since the appearance of your username and password in the line tells the ftp server at the other end who you are, and sends your request for a listing of the "/" directory (notice the / following "") to your personal "/" directory, otherwise known as your root or home directory.

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