WARNING!  This page is severely out of date.  However, some people have written me to tell me they find it amusing as a small window back to the past when laptops, dialup, and webpages were still quite exotic, and not as routine as the napkins at Starbucks.  Once upon a time putting together a web page for yourself was wild uncharted territory, and the tools and tricks of the trade for travelling "show folk" were actually difficult to round up and get running for oneself.

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How this site was built

This site was initally created and maintained 100% "on the road" from a Powerbook Duo 230, and any Color Macintosh that I could beg, borrow, or steal time on while travelling. Lately, a PowerMac 8500/233, Powerbook G3/266, UMAX Vista S6E flatbed scanner, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Adobe PageMill 3.0, BBedit 4.0 help make it happen. The following tools and services are also involved:

BEST Internet Services: Website hosting with Shell and Telnet only access with plenty of space and great rates.

Pacificnet Internet Services: Dialup 128kbps ISDN access in the Greater LA area.

Netcom: 56kbps Dialup PPP in over 500 cities. They've recently sold out to Mindspring, so we'll see if they end up sucking.

ADC/Kentrox: Pacesetter SOHO personal/small business ISDN Routers with built-in 10baseT ethernet hub. A good product for a good price, as long as you are happy with a router that can't do NAT. I'll be switching to Cisco products soon.

FreePPP2.6 provides PPP on the Road. Now if Hotels and Theatres would just start installing ISDN...

Adobe Pagemill 3.0 Nice graphical HTML editor, and Site management tool with built in FTP and site syncronization.

Fetch 3.0 for FTP transfers to and from the host.

BBEdit 4.0 for general text power-editing and fixing what Pagemill screws up. It definitely doesn't suck.

Should you find any hiccups browsing my pages, mail me and let me know what happened and what browser you're using.


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