Photo Album

Candid Photos

Miscellaneous photos from my travels. New Photos added 9/15/97. Many more to come as soon as I get a few moments.

Eye Me working. Academy Awards 1991.

Eye Me working, somewhere on the road.

Eye The unofficial Self Destruct Tour crew photo.

Eye The "making of" the above crew photo

Eye Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock - the aftermath.

Eye "If a piece of technology breaks onstage, it has to pay the price..."

Eye Keno(somewhere on the "Joseph..." tour)

Eye Jake(somewhere on the "Joseph..." tour)

Eye Gerry(somewhere on the "Joseph..." tour)

Eye Keno and I(last truck of the last loadout of the "Joseph..." tour)

Eye New Orleans Jazz Festival 1994...This is Jazz?

Eye New York City can be so strange...

Eye Why you shouldn't put chairs out at a rock concert.

Eye Does this guy remind you of anyone?

Eye Madison Square Garden, just before a show.

Eye The Butt end of a show...


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